Inspired by Coral

Made by Reefined Arts

Designed by You


In addition to our collection pieces, Reefined Arts offers custom jewelry work. We can produce custom pieces in a number of ways and will work closely with you to create something beautiful, unique, and environmentally impactful.

Custom work can be designed by either adding a personal touch to one of our collection pieces, transforming one of our collection pieces into something new, or replicating a coral specimen from your very own aquarium. For more details on each method, see below. 

For inquiries regarding pricing, design, and purchasing, please contact us directly at

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We can take any of our collection pieces and add personal touches, and customize them for you.


This solid gold stylophora pendant was customized through the addition a black diamond.





Using our existing designs as a foundation, we can work closely with you to transform an existing collection piece into something new.


The natural form used in this sterling silver and black diamond ring came from our Elkhorn Pendant.



Using our proprietary production techniques we can replicate coral specimens from your aquarium and work with you to design of a kind pieces.


Creating custom pieces in this way directly connects your aquarium to positive environmental impact. The coral you nurture at home will help grow coral and rebuild reefs around the world.