Updated September 1st. 2019


Reefined Arts is proud to announce that we have now begun our second round of donations. In total, we have donated thousands of dollars to nurseries around the world. From Fiji, to Belize, and back again to Hawaii, our works spans the globe. In Belize, we partnered with Fragments of Hope, an Non-Profit organization which has planted millions of Critically Endangered Corals. In Fragments of Hope's newest Reef Revitalization Marine Protected Area, we have planted over 2,000 coral fragments with your support.

In Fiji, we supported Dr. Austin-Bowden Kerby to construct a small-scale coral nursery to collect vital super corals, post a 2014-2015 bleaching event. These corals will be used to re-seed neighboring reefs in the coming years.

In Haiti, we have partnered with The Amiga Island Ecological Foundation to bring world class Eco-Tourism in line with coral restoration. There, locals and foreigners come together to grow and plant coral cooperatively and restore imperiled marine habitats for future generations to come.

These are milestone achievements for us, and there is more to come.

We want to thank all of those who contributed to our mission, your purchases are now directly going towards the planting of coral and the revitalization of reefs. Even small investments towards climate change adaptation will return significant benefit for marine and terrestrial life, and by protecting vital ecosystems now we can guarantee life in the future.

We are truly honored to have received the support we have, and with much gratitude pass along your contributions to the heroic NGOs and Coral Nurseries we are partnered with. 


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Past Donations

– Fragments of Hope –

Feb. 1st 2018


A donation was made on behalf of us, and our supporters to plant more vitally important corals.

– Fragments of Hope –

Feb. 1st, 2017


Together with our previous donation (Jan. 6th) to Fragments of Hope, contributions will be able to fund a team's full day of Reef Replenishment in their newest Marine Protected Area. In total, these funds will directly plant between 2000 and 4000 corals. 


– Fragments of Hope –

Jan. 6th, 2017


Funds donated to our partner coral nursery in Belize will be used to sponsor the management and planting of individual corals, and will contribute to the remediation of vital reef ecosystems there. 


– Austin Bowden-Keryby Fiji Coral Garden –

Dec. 31st, 2016


Funds went towards the purchase of a metal bar "table" structure for growing mother corals, which, when trimmed, are used to populate nursery structures with infant coral fragments. From mother corals, generations of corals can be grown and replanted.