The mission of Reefined Arts is to spark awareness and investment into cutting-edge Coral Mariculture and Active Reef Rebuilding through fashion culture. To achieve our mission we aim to put the power to restore and protect the ocean in your hands. Utilizing high-quality design we can create individual-level action and effect global-level impact.



To date, governments have failed to take accountability for protecting vital reef ecosystems, allowing for continued destruction of marine habitats. As such, it is our responsibility to do our part, advocating for the protection of reefs and sponsoring their survival. A portion of profits from all of our sales goes directly to our partners and to the planting of individual corals.



To achieve our mission, Reefined arts hopes to use fashion culture to inspire environmental awareness and individual-level investment into Coral Reef Remediation at a global scale. To effect change you must think globally and act locally. It is our hope that by revitalizing coral at many localities around the world we can help the surrounding communities that depend on reefs too, and aggregate up to global impact.



Reefined Arts presents an innovative market-based approach to funding Coral Nurseries and Active Reef Remediation efforts. Designing and marketing Coral Inspired products, Reefined Arts develops individual-level sponsorship of corals, where the profits from sales directly fund Coral Nurseries around the world.

The massive degradation of Coral Reef ecosystems across the globe has prompted an upward trend in Coral Mariculture & out planting efforts (Miller et al. 2016). Among Coral Remediation organizations, such as NGOs and tourist resorts alike, efforts focused on local and individual-level Coral Planting are quickly gaining popularity due to their efficacy in revitalizing localized Reef Ecosystems. However, there are no market-based approaches of this kind that directly sponsor Coral Reef Restoration efforts.


Our Partner, The Amiga Island Ecological Foundation Has Planted Countless Acropora Colonies In Haiti

Our Partner, The Amiga Island Ecological Foundation Has Planted Countless Acropora Colonies In Haiti


Thinking of coral as an investment is one way of understanding their value. Globally, Coral Reefs generate an estimated $374 Billion per year (NOAA 2010). Because coral can grow at exponential rates, even small investments sponsoring individual corals compound into significant investments for global climate change adaptation. Depending on nursery type and location, a Coral Shard can appreciate “with an ecological growth constant of 1.67% per day in the first 10 months” alone (Shafir et al. 2006). Investing in Coral Restoration also brings jobs to other countries, eliminates harmful fishing practices as it expands, develops Global Climate Change Adaptation, and gives our oceans hope for the future.



We are partnered with organizations and nurseries, Including Fragments of Hope and the Amiga Island Ecological Foundation. Operating out of Belize, Fragments of Hope can grow, maintain, and plant individual corals for around $2.50. The low cost of individual-level coral planting means your contribution represents a significant benefit to Coral Mariculture efforts.

 Our partners not only work to protect and rebuild reefs but also train and employs local stakeholders, helping to support the economic livelihood and wellbeing of families and communities who depend on reef ecosystems.

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