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Dedicated to design and coral restoration, we connect fashion culture to mariculture.  Based in NYC we operate in interdisciplinary fields ranging from design, jewelry, and fashion to environmental services and consulting for NGOs. Through our partnered Coral Nurseries around the world we bridge the gap between people, and impactful reef restoration.

All of our products are inspired by, and designed around coral. A portion of our profits, donated to Coral Nurseries, goes towards planting corals back into damaged reefs. This helps to drive the revitalization of reef ecosystems, and the communities that live around them. 

By contributing to our work you can help plant and protect specialized corals that have proven to be resilient to the environmental conditions that endanger the survival of reefs around the world. Nursery planted corals will have a higher chance of surviving tomorrow’s oceans and saving tomorrow’s reefs!






Anthropogenic activities continue to threaten 75% of the World’s coral. Already, 60% of Coral Reef Ecosystems have been directly and seriously damaged (Ocean Health Index 2015). Globally, Coral Reefs provide upwards of $375 billion dollars worth in ecosystem services and livelihood support. The economic and environmental impacts of continued damage to global Coral Reef Habitat could be significant. If nothing is done, irreversible loss of coral will threaten the survival of many people and other natural ecosystems.



Saving corals by bridging fashion culture and cutting-edge mariculture, we hope to connect people to positive environmental impact. Every product represents our effort to rebuild Coral Reef Ecosystems, and every purchase directly helps plant coral around the world.

To achieve our mission, Reefined Arts hopes to use fashion culture to inspire environmental awareness and individual-level investment into Coral Reef Remediation at a global scale. To effect change you must think globally and act locally. It is our hope that by revitalizing coral at many localities around the world we can help the surrounding communities that depend on reefs too, and aggregate up to global impact.

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                                        Photo Credit - Amiga Island Ecological Foundation

TAKE ACTION - Plant coral

If we, as a global community, do not begin investing into global climate change adaptation now we will lose our ability to survive on this planet.

Join Reefined Arts’ efforts to invest in the protection of our World’s future. Doing your part and contributing to the revitalization of Coral Reefs is as easy as reefining your style and looking good.

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