14k Stylophora & Elkorn Pendants

14k Stylophora & Elkorn Pendants


The sale of each piece contributes to the planting of approximately 150-275 corals.

Our flagship Stylophora pendant and earrings in luxurious solid gold variants. These pieces will sparkle in even the dimmest lighting, as the natural growth form of this coral has allowed it to harvest and reflect light more effectively than any photosynthetic animal. No matter what, these pendants with shine with an intensity not normally seen in normal jewlery.

Both pendant and earrings are offered in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold styles.

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Dimensions: 25.61mm X 16.77mm

Weight: 7 Grams (Rose Gold)

             7 Grams (Yellow Gold)

             7.2 Grams (White Gold)


Dimensions: 21.09 mm X 14 mm

Weight: 7 Grams (Combined)